Air & sea transporting

Air and sea shipping

Today, there are two ways of transporting any items, including fine art items – air and sea transporting, except for the cases when you need transportation across the USA. Shipping by air is much quicker, which may be appealing for customers requiring the product to be urgently delivered, or those arranging exhibitions or art tours that last only a couple of days. Thus, shipping some items of art by air from the USA to, for instance, Europe, may take maximum several days together with picking up of items, their careful packing and crating, delivery to the airport, and their shipping to the final point of destination. We handle all paper work, customs declarations, and import/export documentation, so you may find this way of transportation very comfortable and time-efficient.

Sea transportation is a highly beneficial shipping mode to ship art internationally, since it is much less expensive than air shipping, though it obviously takes much more time. Sea shipping, in contrast to air transportation, may become the only appropri ate solution for, for instance, galleries’ transfer of entire exhibitions, or art dealers’ purchases of large quantities of fine art products. Sea transport may accommodate large containers sized 20 by 40 feet, which may host large collections of safely packed fine arts items. Such transportation may save you tons of money, and we work closely with freight forwarders in our specialized warehouse who may consolidate your cargo with other clients’ works of art for getting the best price rates for shipping.

We work both with national transportation across the United States and international art shipping, so we specialize and have an extensive expertise in both kinds of shipping. We offer a wide range of services of picking up items in any city and location of the USA and choosing the best method of shipping to suit your demands in terms of time, price, and safety of your cargo. If you need to transfer your works of art from, let’s say, Miami to New York, we will definitely advise trucking it, but if you need it delivered urgently, on the next day, we will use air shipping to fit your individual demands and expectations.

Before conducting art shipping internationally or nationally, we evaluate all transportation modes according to their time and cost efficiency, and propose customized solutions for every client to select the optimal option and treat every single order with individual approach and attention.