Galleries and Auctions

Our comfortable location in Midtown Manhattan, with the head office only one block away from Rockefeller Center and one block away from Christie’s, the biggest auction house in the world, allows Fine Art Shippers to be the most favorable choice for any auction shipping needs. We are also located within a short walking distance from Sotheby’s, Bonhams, Phillips, and Doyle auction houses, as well as from many reputable galleries known throughout the globe. As a result, our team is frequently involved in delivering various works of art to and from auction houses and galleries, and we are always ready to give a helping hand to those who need a reliable fine art moving company to pick up and ship their acquisitions quickly, safely, and at a reasonable price. Plus, we are also here for you in case you need assistance with art packing and crating, no matter the size and weight of the recently acquired item. After all, Fine Art Shippers has decades of professional experience in fine art shipping and handling of various collectibles, which guarantees our ability to find the safest and most convenient option for the delivery of your purchases.

All our gallery and auction shipping services are well-planned and designed to fit the most pressing deadlines. It goes without saying that we have an on-site professionally equipped and safe truck for picking up your purchased artwork on the same day and taking it to our warehouse for professional custom crating and further shipping. Besides, we also provide short-term and long-term art storage options for those who need to store their new acquisitions before their final delivery to the destination. No matter whether it comes to a huge art installation or a rare and fragile antique sculpture, Fine Art Shippers guarantees its safety and integrity throughout the whole transportation process.

It is also worth noting that Fine Art Shippers is a preferred fine art moving company for Shapiro Auctions, a well-known New York-based auction house specializing in selling American, European, Russian, and Asian works of art. Moreover, we not only provide comprehensive auction shipping services but also set up all pre-sale exhibitions conducted by Shapiro Auctions.

One more crucial advantage of our gallery and auction shipping service is that we are easily accessible for all those who make valuable purchases in NYC and want them to be effectively shipped and securely handled. Furthermore, we are proud to have our entire operation located in New York, which simplifies our fine art delivery infrastructure and makes the overall process of transportation accessible to our clients.

Fine Art Shippers has been involved in gallery and auction shipping for a long time, and we possess all necessary knowledge and experience to ensure that every item is always delivered without a scratch, no matter the destination. Such reliability of the fine art shipping service and our local accessibility have won us a perfect reputation among our partners and returning clients, so we are happy to provide timely, affordable, and individually tailored gallery and auction shipping solutions to private and corporate clients from around the world.