Fine Art Shippers is a father & son branded company specializing in shipping and handling Art, Antiques, and Fine Art articles. Though officially established only in 2014, we have been in business as Father and son since 1995, actively involved in work with private art and antique collectors buying from galleries and auction houses. We deal with shipping paintings, furniture, bronze, decorative fine art objects, large marble stone figurines, or anything that involves fine arts and antique pieces on a daily basis. So we can take proper care of it due to our outstanding experience. Our specialty includes fine art transportation, but we can also assist you with customs brokerage through our partnering freight forwarders who provide the entire package of customs broker services.

About Us

Our rich and invaluable experience in the field of fine art shipping has earned us a good reputation among art galleries, and we help our clients to organize shipping of artwork quickly, efficiently, and safely. We ship all kinds of art, and know how to work with fragile and exclusive items’ shipping. Hence, our flawless reputation and positive reviews of clients make us your ideal art transportation and inventory management company to which you can entrust your precious fine art.

The story of our business began with a Gallery in the Chelsea Antique Center in 1995, specializing in sales of primarily European art and antiques, Decorative items, and exclusive art deco porcelain items of all sizes. Our services further expanded to include decorative art and paintings, and soon included logistics and shipping for several Art Deco furniture decorators. Through this period, we have been providing excellent art shipping and expedite services, collecting satisfied reviews, and developing smart management solutions for all shipping art requests, be it a home collection, an art store, or an entire gallery.

Our clients are private collectors – individuals, art dealers, and art galleries – that purchase from art galleries and auction houses like Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Doyle, Bonhams, Philips, Shapiro Auctions, etc. Anyone who buys works of fine art directly from auction houses and requires their delivery to any place within the United States or to another country can turn to us for timely, safe, and professional art shipping services. We also work with art galleries (Show Place Antiques, David Ashville Galleries) and offer services to their buyers of fine art and antiques. We help modern artists in moving their expositions within one country or internationally, and had a fruitful partnership with Shimon Okshteyn on packing, delivering and unpacking his exposition during its international tour. Other clients that we service include galleries, private art collectors, antique centers, antique shows such as the Miami beach antique and jewelry show, and cultural exchanges that require assistance with moving, packing, and unpacking their expositions.

Fine art shipping is a field of work requiring individualized solutions and high-quality shipment services; sometimes the fine art items are so precious and fragile that they need conservation and delicate handling throughout the whole shipping process.

Hence, we have designed a simple and effective logistics process involving the personal pick up of art and antique items from galleries and antique houses, careful packing and crating thereof, and its timely delivery to its place of destination. This process requires much professionalism and attention to detail, so we hired a team of skilled, experienced craftsmen who produce our crates according to all standards of engineering and safe construction, and professionally trained art handlers and delivery workers. We are constantly present during the whole transportation process and we guarantee that your works of art are handled by our permanent professionally certified staff, and are not outsourced to some other transportation service providers.

The critical factor of our success as art movers and fine art shippers across the USA and globally is that we take care of all the insurance, declaration papers, and documentation for you, and we declare your fine art items with the international insurance companies and customs brokers. International transportation of art is also a bothersome process, but we take all responsibility for shipping your art to the airport and shipping it out through our partnering freight forwarders who offer express and smart solutions for fine art transportation. However, if your work of art is a small-size item, we may ship it to you through FedEx.

Being a small business and a family-oriented company, and working on everything ourselves, we are able to offer very competitive pricing of any other big companies who usually charge a huge amount of overhead costs from their clients, and who outsource transportation processes to third-party personnel. Hence, as you may make sure, our company is unique in approach to clients and the art shipping process overall. We differ from other art shipping companies by having professional and safe art transport, providing the whole scope of transport services, and taking care of all critical issues that may occur during the process of transportation. Moreover, we are 100% confident in our ability to provide the lowest shipping rates in the entire USA and globally, so turning to us will undoubtedly be a wise decision for everyone looking for high quality, customized approach, and best pricing guaranteed.


  • I express my sincere gratitude to Fine Art Shippers for the comprehensive shipping services they have provided to transport my collection of Russian Icons from New York to the Miami Beach Antique and Jewelry show. In fact, this is not the first time I have used their services: earlier they helped me with the transportation to many other shows across the USA and overseas. In all cases, the company’s specialists have proved themselves as true professionals. In particular, I would like to mention our joint work for such shows in New York as the Pier show and the Armory show. They completely handled all the logistics from setup, packing and crating to shipments and delivery to clients. In general, all fine art shipping services are always provided under my budget, with high quality, and on time. It is very pleasant to receive excellent service at a reasonable price nowadays. So, thanks again for your well-coordinated work and flexible approach to clients. I highly recommend Fine Art Shippers as a professional company able to solve any delicate problem.

    Dennis Easter

  • From first-hand experience, I can attest to the highest quality of the shipping services provided by Fine Art Shippers. I had a chance to deal with them when I had to ship my artworks from St. Petersburg, Russia, to New York. Ilya Kushnirskiy and his team have appeared real professionals who have done complete service with responsibility, efficiency, promptness, and great care. Their representatives picked up my works here, in Russia, constructed special custom crates, loaded everything into a 20-foot container, and shipped them to the destination point. Fine Art Shippers themselves received my works in New Jersey, uncrated them, and finally delivered to the exhibition in New York.  Moreover, their customs broker fully helped and assisted with the process in the U.S. So I did not have any problems at all! Moreover, I was impressed with the quality of transport services, especially considering the fact that I paid a very reasonable price for such a high level of professional work. In this way, I can recommend Fine Art Shippers with the utmost confidence! As for me, I will definitely use the services you provide in future.

    Mikhail Zvyagin

  • Shapiro Auctions would like to thank Fine Art Shippers for all your help in the organization of private and auction sales! We greatly appreciate all the time and effort you have put into our collaboration for the past few years. Whether you pick up antique and fine art pieces for us, make custom crates or, what is more important, do same day shipping for our clients, your services are always excellent! Especially, my hat goes off to Oleg Kushnirskiy and his crew. You guys are the best! You have always been courteous and efficient, and you always take care of all our business transactions, as well as local and international transportation for our buyers. You truly understand how precious artworks are important and that they require extreme care. Moreover, you are the only one who can help with Russia/CIS shipments including crates. For this reason, you will always be among our recommended shipping companies! So thanks a lot for your complete cooperation and our confidence that all Shapiro Auctions items will be shipped in safety wherever it will be required across the globe. Please contact us for any assistance!

  • I am writing to congratulate you on your success in developing truly secure shipping services! Being an owner of the antique store and an art dealer showcasing my fine art pieces at the Showplace Antique Center, I am constantly confronted with the difficulties of transportation of such precious and often fragile objects. But finally I’m happy to have a service that can relax my worries and eliminate my shipping problems! And it becomes even more pleasant because I know that the charge will always be reasonable. You really satisfy all my needs in sometimes daily transactions and make even more important thing to me – leave my customers pleased. I want to thank you sincerely for your rapid response, same day crates, shipping and delivery. It is truly hard to find such quality services nowadays. Therefore, I sincerely wish you further prosperity and expanding of your fine art shipping business!

    David Ashville Gallery


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