Unusual Art Installations by Brent Birnbaum

In our previous blog posts, we wrote about the amazing Denny Dimin Gallery in New York City. We also wrote about some of the artists represented by this reputable contemporary art gallery, including Amanda Valdez and Amir H. Fallah. In this blog post, we want to introduce another great artist whose unusual works can be found at Denny Dimin Gallery. Please welcome Brent Birnbaum, a very creative person and talented art installer.

Brent Birnbaum

Fine Art Shippers is a professional fine art shipping company, and our team has seen many interesting artworks over the past two decades. However, art installations created by Brent Birnbaum are really special. This American artist is indeed a gifted art installer able to turn obsolescent objects found on eBay and Craigslist into inspiring and meaningful art pieces that can decorate any gallery space. For example, several years ago, Brent Birnbaum had a solo exhibition at Denny Dimin Gallery where he presented an unusual art installation made using wood-paneled mini-refrigerators stacked into totemic towers resembling iconic apartment buildings in NYC. The most interesting thing was that each refrigerator had a unique interior decorated with miniature furniture, fabrics, and wallpaper. It was like a secret art installation inside the art installation. Truly amazing!

As it has already been said, Brent Birnbaum is a very talented art installer, and it would be great to work with him in New York or elsewhere. After all, Fine Art Shippers is proficient in art installation of any kind, and we are always ready to help artists with their projects.