This is How to Pack Large Picture Frames

Whether you are a professional artist shipping your artworks to your customers, a normal user transporting very large picture frames, it is necessary to pay particular attention to how you package them. Therefore, our post seeks to discuss a few secrets that will help you to pack them well. Read on to discover more.

Get Enough Packing Space

The very fact that the frames you are dealing with are extra large means they will require a larger space to pack them well. Therefore, you should pack them in a spacious location that will allow for safety and ease of packaging. You will need to spread out your bubble wrap or packing paper to place your frame on it. It is also needful to center it and allow for enough cushion and then tape it all around.

Scratch and Scuff Proof

When packing such a huge frame, you should think about how it will arrive—free of all scuffing and scratching. Irrespective of whether the frame of wood or metal, all of them are vulnerable to scratching and scuffing. Therefore, you have to wrap it in foam.

When Dealing With Delicate Frames

If the very large picture frame you are framing is delicate, then you should use extra bubble wrap to offer it extra protection. This way, you will guarantee the safe arrival of the frame and the fine art it holds. In this case, a bubble wrapper comes in handy since it will offer your fragile frame the extra protection it needs. You need to tape it firmly in place to hold the frame and glass firmly. The good side of this wrapper is that it comes in three sizes you can choose from. For instance, the small size is ideal for wrapping smaller bubbles. The medium size is ideal for very large picture frames. Also, don’t forget the corners since they are more vulnerable when moving your frame, and hence, you need to give them extra layers of bubble wrap.

Print Your Address

Lastly, you need to pay attention to where you print your return address and your recipient’s. You should write everything legibly in large letters to make it easy for the shippers to read.

You are now updated on how you should package extralarge frames. We hope your packaging skills are now at another level next time you ship such frames.