Potential Dangers of Shipping a Grandfather Clock on Your Own

Potential Dangers of Shipping a Grandfather Clock on Your Own

If you look at the list of agents of deterioration for a vintage clock, you wouldn’t be surprised why shippers are so meticulous when it comes to clock transportation. Physical force, incorrect temperature, and over-exposure to light can have a lasting effect on an antique item. To cement a memory of the people who once owned a timekeeper, one should know about the potential dangers of shipping a grandfather clock on their own. Whether you want to transport a run-of-the-mill family clock or the finest work of art by Swiss masters, the following information will help you find the right way to do so.

Potential Dangers of Shipping a Grandfather Clock On Your Own

Surface damage

The easiest way to damage the object is to try to handle it without any prior preparation. Shock, pressure, and abrasion are those common forces that will welcome your irresponsibility and help you ruin an item. Mishandling is the number one enemy of antique valuables. Inattentive handlers may leave damaging marks on the surface or use the wrong equipment, which might lead to unsavory consequences.Potential Dangers of Shipping a Grandfather Clock on Your Own

Clock mechanism issues

Before shipping a grandfather clock, you first need to look inside because it is where the mechanism lives. After the movement stops, it is best if you unhook the pendulum and pack it separately from the main body. The same goes for any removable parts that could break in transit. There are other precautions that you need to remember, but it all depends on the type of clock you have, so don’t hesitate to contact a clock specialist before moving a timepiece.

Storage nuances

Shipping a grandfather clock can be accompanied by storage services. In this case, special attention should be paid to correct humidity and temperature levels. Wooden clocks are especially vulnerable due to the delicacy of the material. Make sure to consult art storage specialists before putting an object into a storage unit.

Whom Should You Hire to Ship an Old Clock?

Shipping a grandfather clock seems pretty dangerous, doesn’t it? Now, you know a little bit more about the risks that you can face during transportation. However, you might also wonder how to organize safe delivery. This task is completable with white glove movers who work with delicate items on a regular basis. Those experts know how to dismantle different parts of a clock and will help you find reliable storage facilities if you need one in the future.