Packing Furniture for Shipping or Storage

Packing furniture for shipping

It is needless to say that when packing furniture for shipping or long-term storage, the primary concern is to ensure the safety of every piece. This is especially true for antique furniture and luxury interior design items that can be easily damaged in transit or due to improper storage conditions. So what is the right way to pack valuable furniture pieces? It goes without saying that the best you can do is hire a reliable moving company specializing in packing and shipping fine art over a long distance. After all, only professional art shippers can ensure that your precious possessions are properly protected against damage while moving or during storage. However, what if you are going to pack your belongings yourself? In such a case, do not miss the following tips for packing furniture for shipping or storage!

Tips for packing furniture for shipping or storage

First of all, it should be noted that standard cardboard boxes are not an option because most furniture pieces are too large and heavy to get into such boxes. The only way out is to wrap each item carefully and provide extra support to all the delicate and fragile parts. The most common steps include:

1. Wrap all delicate parts in bubble wrap and then the entire furniture piece in special moving blankets, additionally using cloth padding if necessary.

2. Use high-quality tape to secure the materials but never tape on polished and painted surfaces directly when packing furniture for shipping or storage.

3. Use plastic wrap to prevent dirt and dust from getting to your furniture pieces while in transit or during storage.

4. Wrap furniture legs and other delicate parts that cannot be removed with an additional layer of bubble wrap and protect all the corners with large pieces of corrugated cardboard taped together.

5. Use special blue tape to protect glass surfaces. After that, cover them with pieces of flat cardboard, wrap in bubble wrap, and pack in sturdy cardboard boxes if possible.

6. Pack sofas and mattresses in specially designed plastic covers to protect them from moisture, stains, and rips.

Please keep in mind that whether it comes to packing furniture for shipping or storage, you can always contact Fine Art Shippers. We offer a full range of furniture shipping services both nationally and internationally. Moreover, all our services are very reasonably priced, so feel free to request a quote even if you have a limited budget to meet.