Moving Artwork for the Amazing Artist Mikhail Zvyagin

Moving artwork in New York is the most awesome job ever! Small and oversized paintings, fine art prints, glass sculptures, ceramics, bronze items, and mural art are just some of the artworks we have the pleasure to move every day. However, the best thing is that this job allows us to meet many talented artists who put their hearts and souls into their incredible creations. One such artist is Mikhail Zvyagin, and we all at Fine Art Shippers are very proud to know this amazing person and help him move his beautiful art.

Moving Artwork for the Amazing Artist Mikhail Zvyagin

Mikhail Zvyagin is a Russian-born NYC-based artist, sculptor, writer, and collector. Born in 1931, he survived the siege of Leningrad in World War II, which would greatly affect his art in the future. Mikhail Zvyagin used his childhood impressions of the blockade and the post-war years to explore the crisis of human souls and the perception of evil existing in the world. All of his works are highly emotional and executed with a brilliant technique that is bound to appeal to every viewer.

Mikhail Zvyagin is now 89 years old, and he continues to create art in a diverse range of mediums and styles. His amazing works are in many private collections in the US, Russia, and Western Europe, and they are carefully preserved in some of the leading museums, including the Russian Museum and the State Hermitage Museum. Moving artwork by Mikhail Zvyagin is an honor for our team, and we are truly lucky to know this outstanding artist personally.

If you need help with moving artwork in New York, please do not hesitate to contact Fine Art Shippers. We have much experience in the field, and we would love to help you move your art collection, no matter how large or small it is.