Montague Street, the Heart of Brooklyn Heights


New York is the modern-day Olympus of contemporary art, home to numerous notable art galleries and museums. Fine Art Shippers has been headquartered in the Big Apple since 1995, and we always feel lucky to work side-by-side with so many talented professionals. One of our offices is in Brooklyn, one of the five boroughs of New York City. To be more specific, we are based on Montague Street, the heart and the main street of Brooklyn Heights.

Uniqueness and Significance of Montague Street

Brooklyn Heights is a historical residential neighborhood within Brooklyn. At a glance, it is hard to believe that the area is an essential part of a huge megalopolis. It is characterized by low-rise architecture and rowhouses built before the Civil War. The region consists of many remarkable three-lined streets, but Montague Street deserves a special mention in this regard.

Located just by the Brooklyn Bridge, the street enjoys the status of Brooklyn’s main drag filled with galleries, restaurants, and stores. A street name refers to Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, a well-known English feminist and a member of the Pierrepont family. In the past, though, it was Constable Street, also named after one of the members of a previously mentioned family.

Montague Street, the Heart of Brooklyn Heights

Having an office in such a beautiful and significant place is a real blessing. The well-preserved architecture of the region, safety, and unique atmosphere make it one of the best places for doing business. If you have never visited Montague Street, we highly recommend doing it as soon as possible. Start with the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, a long pedestrian walkway with a view of Manhattan’s skyline and the New York Harbor.

Montague Street, the Heart of Brooklyn Heights

With such a comfortable location, we can provide our art handling and crating services throughout all five boroughs of New York without any delay. Whether you are in the Big Apple or beyond, we are always glad to offer you our art shipping help.