How to Ship Glassware Internationally?

How to ship glassware

We never know what to anticipate when it comes to shipping overseas. The most frequent situation that catches people off guard is when you need to ship glassware. Like with other fragile objects, this task requires consummate skills and intensive care. Any inaccurate or hasty step may cause fatal damage to your valuable glass objects. It all happens because shipping glass items is the job for professional shipping companies like Fine Art Shippers. If you encounter a dilemma of moving glass items to another country, we want to share some insider tips on how to ship glassware without breaking it.

Before you get started

We are here to give you a heads-up regarding what may happen if to be vacant. Objects made of glass are likely to shatter into pieces due to even the slightest vibration in transit. Given the difficulty and ticklishness of the process, we encourage you to turn to experienced shippers who can arrange qualitative international shipping of glassware.

How to ship glassware internationally?

Now we are going to share with you some instructions on how to ship glassware. First, consider its age as material becomes frailer over time. When shipping old and delicate items, it is better to use specialist antique shipping services from reliable companies with extensive experience in the field.

When you have carried out your little investigation, let’s move directly to the process of packing and shipping glassware. Here are basic materials that you need for making a bundle: a box of the suitable size, packing tape, packing paper, and bubble wrap. Now, let’s try to put it all together.

1. Carefully wrap each piece in packing paper and then in several layers of bubble wrap. Secure the package with packing tape.

2. Put the glassware inside the box. Do not forget to seal the bottom with the packing tape before. It is better to keep the glasses in the center so that they won’t collide with the brims of the box.

3. Cushion the box as well as you can. Use bubble wrap or another cushioning material for that. There should not be any void in the box.

4. Seal the box thoroughly so that it is fully closed. You can also use a plastic bag to protect the package from moisture. Another useful tip is to ship your glass items in a custom wooden crate as it will provide the best protection in transit.

Now you know how to ship glassware internationally. If you are not sure you can do it yourself, do not hesitate to use a free quote to reach out to us or call our team directly. We will be happy to help you with shipping glassware safely and securely!