How Fine Art Shippers Builds Museum Crates to Ship Art to Seoul

How Fine Art Shippers Builds Museum Crates to Ship Art to Seoul

“Better safe than sorry” is probably one of the most insightful encapsulations of the beliefs and ideals of art handlers. At Fine Art Shippers, we follow this motto every time we need to ensure the safety of an artwork, no matter what it is. And quite often, we have to go to great yet justifiable lengths to provide quality service. That’s when we start building museum crates, the best-in-class protection for any piece. Just so you know, we build containers to ship art from New York City to Seoul and can make a custom crate to satisfy your shipping needs.

How We Build Museum Crates

How Fine Art Shippers Builds Museum Crates to Ship Art to SeoulWhether it is Seoul, Beijing, Cape Town, Cologne, Paris, or London, international art transportation depends on quality museum crates. These are the best of the best among other types of containers, which is why companies choose them to move fragile artworks overseas.

Their structure consists of strong plywood materials that create thick and reliable protection for heavier and larger items. Multiple-layer system with a lot of padding material, anti-humidity seal, and corner reinforcements guarantee all our local, national, and international clients fast, safe, and efficient solutions to complex processes.

What about our team? These are industry-seasoned museum crates savvy carpenters who came to us from the wood industry. Their expertise has been tested by time and myriad difficulties. It is why we entrust such responsible and meticulous tasks to them. Our team has crated artworks of any size and material, from canvases to sculptures to large-scale multipart art installations. No matter how daunting a challenge is, we not only find a way to tackle it, but we also do it in the best possible fashion because we are professionals.

Quality Art Crating with Fine Art Shippers

Museum crates are usually used for international shipping, fragile objects, or some high-dollar pieces. High stakes are some of the reasons why DIY crating is not recommended unless you are a pro. When you contact us and tell us your story, our handlers will offer you the most cost-effective and relevant options to suit your fancy. There are three quick ways to contact us: via email, phone, and a free shipping quote form on our official website. The final delivery destination doesn’t matter because our containers can withstand every shipping trouble imaginable.