Get Behind the Scenes of the Art World with Artland Club!

Our ability to provide high-quality fine art shipping and art installations services at very competitive prices allows us to meet so many talented people, attend so many international art fairs, and get acquainted with so many interesting art projects. Fine art handling is indeed a very exciting job that additionally provides us with an excellent opportunity to be behind the scenes of the art world. The good news is that you also have such an opportunity! Moreover, you do not even need to be an art handler or a specialist in art installations. All you need is love for art! Not so long ago, our team was pleased to get acquainted with the amazing Artland Club, a truly unique community for art lovers, which will help you be in the center of the art world!

Artland Club

Aimed at connecting galleries, artists, and art collectors, Artland Club is the only social market place in the world. This amazing art project is indeed a great one because it allows art lovers from around the globe to build new relations, buy one-of-a-kind pieces from galleries and artists at affordable prices, and manage their collections in the right way. Besides, Artland Club also gives an excellent opportunity to get original works by emerging artists, which were made specifically for the community members, not to mention exclusive access to various events, art installations, and gallery shows. In other words, Artland Club is your lucky ticket to the very heart of the art world!