Different Art Packing Supplies

Transportation of paintings and other pieces of art is considered a painstaking process, especially in long overseas relocations. Therefore, it is very difficult to go without packing. Professional art collectors know that there are many different art packing supplies, which can be used for the transportation of artworks. It is clear that good packing is important; therefore, several types of art packing supplies should be used at once, and the choice of these supplies depends on the type of painting, the time of the year, weather conditions, etc. In general, the packing of each artwork needs an individual approach.

The most widespread art packing supplies include:
• stretch wrap;
• bubble wrap;
• corrugated cardboard;
• wood crates.

Professional art shippers prefer to use all of them in different combinations. Let us see what these materials can do for your painting during the process of transportation abroad.

  • Stretch wrap is the best material to protect art pieces against dust, moisture, and dirt. Usually, it is used in combination with other supplies because each painting needs an individual box. The main disadvantage of this material is that it is airtight, which means that it leads to the formation of condensation that may damage paintings. Therefore, specialists recommend using this material only in case of quick transportation.
  • Bubble wrap is the most popular type of packing supplies used by many transportation companies. It is useful for the transportations of artworks because air bubbles serve as additional protection against mechanical damages. Therefore, this material is used for long, overseas transportation. Unfortunately, even this kind of wrap cannot be used without a box.
  • Corrugated cardboard can be used as a material to create the second layer of packing. It is possible to use it with any kind of wraps mentioned above. To provide the best packing, the sheets of corrugated cardboard should be cut depending on the size of the painting itself. However, this material cannot be used without a cardboard box or a crate for transportation.
  • Wood crates are very popular among art shippers because this kind of boxes for transportation is considered the best protection against damages. Such packing is good for transportation on both long and short distances and can be used many times if necessary.

Fine Art Shippers prefers using different art packing supplies and develops an individual approach to each order to guarantee the best transportation conditions.