Deep and Spectacular Paintings by Claudio Giulianelli

Claudio Giulianelli

It is a great pleasure for Fine Art Shippers to introduce Claudio Giulianelli, a talented Italian artist who creates spectacular paintings full of deep meaning and symbolism.

Claudio Giulianelli was born in 1956 in Rome. He studied Chemical Sciences in college but pretty soon found himself much more interested in the arts. Inspired by Old Master paintings, Giulianelli started to study various painting techniques and art history, which allowed his passion for art to grow and develop. Books by the Flemish artists and the Italian master Caravaggio became his constant companions and taught him a way of becoming an artist himself. Over the next years, Claudio Giulianelli traveled extensively, trying to see Old Master works and learn from them as much as possible, thus sharpening his own style. Emotions he felt and skills he mastered in the process became the basis for Giulianelli’s work. Today, the talented artist lives in Corchiano, a small Italian town with a rich history, where he creates his spectacular paintings that are filled with creativity, fantasy, and deep analysis.

Deep and Spectacular Paintings by Claudio GiulianelliDeep and Spectacular Paintings by Claudio Giulianelli

Claudio Giulianelli’s paintings represent a remarkable mix of symbolism and memories, mystic and dream, imagination and reality. Inspired by masterpieces of the past, they are a contemporary reflection of the Middle Ages, full of masks, symbols, and puppets. Giulianelli’s works catch the viewer’s curiosity and interest, attracting their attention with beautiful manifestations of human nature and a whole range of different elements adopted from Impressionism, Surrealism, and Symbolism. Existing somewhere between real memories and dreams, his spectacular paintings form a whole universe that is worth discovering and experiencing.

Paintings by Claudio Giulianelli have been showcased at many art fairs and exhibitions in NYC, Beijing, Hang Zhou, Abu Dhabi, Innsbruck, Bari, and other cities worldwide. The artist has also had a number of solo shows in Italy, Belgium, UAE, China, and the UK. His amazing works are even present in the Palazzo della Cancelleria in the Vatican and several churches in Italy and Austria.