Cool Art Pieces to Match Scandinavian Interior Design

Cool Art Pieces to Match Scandinavian Interior Design

Minimalist and functional spaces, natural lighting, neutral colors, and sustainable solutions make Scandinavian design a consistent home decor trend. Nordic minimalism spread far beyond Scandinavia and gained enormous popularity in a number of other European regions, North America, and even Asia. If you are in love with Scandi style and want to bring it to your home, you will want to know what wall art looks best in a hygge space. The following cool art pieces will add more comfort and personality to your house or apartment.

Cool Art Pieces to Match Scandinavian Interior Design

Marble statues

Marble statues are not just for museums anymore. A free-standing miniature reproduction of “Venus de Milo” or “Discobolus” will be a harmonious embellishment to every room. Artwork made of marble perfectly brightens up the room due to its exceptional light-reflection qualities.

Animal prints

Scandinavian style is strongly associated with the natural world. That is why any cool art pieces featuring flora and fauna will work just fine. Animal art prints are a good example of how to make space look more lively. Moreover, it is a chance to let the embodiment of your spirit animal be always present with you.

Black & white sculpture

Contrast is a designer’s weapon to ensure that interiors draw the eye of visitors. Black and white sculpture, unlike the aforementioned white marble statues, will put two contrasting textures in comparison, which might have surprisingly positive effects even in an empty minimalistic room.

Geometric art

Geometric lines and shapes sharpen the sense of symmetry and balance in the space. These are the features that are most suitable for Scandinavian interior design, where the visual organization is a crucial component of aesthetics.

Framed photo prints

If you are looking for some “down-to-earth” cool art pieces, then framed photo prints are a fascinating solution. It will be best if you have a personal collection of photos to feature, but don’t get upset if you don’t have one. Pick photos you find appealing and let them cheer you up every time you look at them.

Wooden artworks

Nordic style cannot exist without wood. Feel free to incorporate any type of wooden artwork into your décor. No matter the size or shape, a curved sculpture never fails to make a statement.

With these cool art pieces, you can add more organic textures and meaningful silhouettes to your Scandinavian home design. Remember that the balance inside your home affects the balance inside your heart. So wait no more to find one!