When to Hire Elite Movers?

Elite Movers

People are always struggling to make the moving process less expensive. However, if you are going to move truly valuable and luxury items, hiring elite movers will be worth every penny. Thus, you make sure that your possessions will reach your new home safe and sound. So what are the types of valuables that require expert handling and extra care during the move? Read on to find it out.

What Items Are Better to Move with Elite Movers?

1. Fine art

Think twice before moving priceless fine art yourself. If you want the guarantee that your pieces reach the destination perfectly intact, it is recommended that you use the services of elite movers who are specially trained to handle valuable and expensive objects. They will provide careful treatment and dedication, as well as quality tools and packing materials to protect your possessions the way they should be.

2. Wine collection

Even a few bottles of fine wine are not that easy to move by yourself, not to mention an entire collection. High-end movers know the proper temperature to store wine and the shaking level it can withstand. In other words, if you want to keep your wine collection safe, spend some money on professional handling.

3. Antique furniture

Before being moved, antique furniture requires professional disassembling and packing. A luxury moving company understands the value and sentimentality enclosed in every piece of antique furniture and can provide the utmost care to your possessions.

4. Musical instruments

If you are planning to move a piano, harp, or collectible guitar, you should call a reliable luxury moving company for help to ensure your delicate musical instrument arrives at the destination safe and sound. 

5. Grandfather clock

It is risky to move a grandfather clock by yourself. The multiple inner components can be easily damaged even due to the slightest shaking during the move. Elite movers can take care of your piece by properly moving it with the highest level of security.

Feel free to contact Fine Art Shippers if you need to move luxury and fragile pieces to another location. You will love our white glove moving services and dedication to work!