Well-Kept Secrets of Successful Glass Art Installation

Well-Kept Secrets of Successful Glass Art Installation

There is no greater beauty than art installations made of glass. The particular qualities and unique nature of the material make any piece a remarkable work of fine art. However, glass art pays for its exquisite aesthetics with fragility. At Fine Art Shippers, we treat glass artworks with due care and diligence. Not only do we specialize in shipping such art, but we also know how to install it. Below we share some of the well-kept secrets of the successful glass art installation. Use them or let Fine Art Shippers do it for you!

Well-Kept Secrets of Successful Glass Art Installation

Every artwork is special

First of all, the process of installation is always different. The size and the form of artworks are the main factors that expert installers take into account during the placement.

Pay attention to the location

Speaking of placement, it is a location that makes the difference. Glass is brittle and can easily crack if you place it in the wrong way. Moreover, you can damage the surface if you are not careful enough.

Consider the type of glass

Glass is a surprisingly versatile material, and artists can shape and form it in unlimited ways. Glass casting, etching, slumping, fusing, and blowing are all the techniques that sculptors use. At Fine Art Shippers, we pay attention to every detail because it is one of the parameters of a successful glass art installation.

Appropriate hanging hardware

Every experienced installer knows how difficult it is to hang pieces made of glass. Not only is it dangerous, but you need to have reliable hanging hardware that secures the artwork. Without it, the whole process might be rather painful.

A glass art installation is a multi-component task that should be entrusted to professionals. If you have artworks made of glass, Fine Art Shippers would be happy to help you ship and install them whenever needed.