Top 5 Fine Art Services for Painters

Fine Art Services for Painters

Every painter who values their work should be aware of the safe ways of how to move their paintings to a gallery or customer, load them into a truck, protect them from potential damage or loss, and other essential art handling and shipping nuances. Luckily, in today’s realities, artists can easily cooperate with professional art moving companies and use their services whenever needed. In this blog post, we have put together 5 important fine art services that can help painters flourish in the art space.

Top 5 Fine Art Services for Painters

1. Art handling

As an artist, you want an expert who knows how to handle your delicate art the way it deserves. A professional art handler is a person trained to solve any art-related problem and treat valuable artworks with care and reverence. These experts can prepare paintings for the move, deliver them to the destination intact, and ensure the highest level of treatment in any situation.

2. Art moving

With extensive experience in art logistics, professional art movers control every stage of the transportation process, applying only proven techniques to move your pieces quickly and securely. Such fine art services include art shuttles, art courier, air & sea shipping, interstate white glove moving, and more.

3. Picture hanging

Every artist wants their artworks to look great at the exhibition or add a touch of flair to the home design. Professional picture hangers can install your paintings according to the museum standards and make them look stunning in any space.

4. Packing & crating

Art packing and crating services are an integral part of the art moving process. A team of art handlers will provide you with the best packaging options designed to fully protect your art pieces during the move.

5. Art insurance

With art insurance, you can completely be sure that your interests will be fully protected even if something unexpected happens in transit. Do not forget to consider this service.

These were the most common and useful fine art services for painters. Fine Art Shippers is always here to help you with whatever you might need in terms of art handling and moving. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need professional assistance!