Who Are Picture Hangers, and Why Work with Them?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ‘picture hangers’? Easel hinges, hinged hangers, picture wire, brackets, hooks, and other tools, right? What about people who hang pictures, paintings, and other art pieces in the gallery space or any other venue? These trained art handlers are also called picture hangers, and their work is very important when it comes to professional art installation services. So, who are they, and why should you work with such experts?

Who Are Picture Hangers, and Why Work with Them?

To hang a picture on the wall may seem an easy task, but it is not always the case. If you need to hang a highly expensive work, an oversized painting, or an entire collection of art pieces, you may require help from specialized art handlers. A picture hanger is the one who can do this work for you safely, securely, and efficiently.

Professional picture hangers work closely with the client to determine the right way of art arrangement. This may include several options: grid arrangement, clustered arrangement, salon-style arrangement, and linear arrangement, among others. Once they decide on what suits the space best, specialists carefully choose the right tools and equipment for hanging artworks on the wall, considering the size and weight of each piece, as well as whether the items are framed or not.

The next step is actually hanging, which requires some knowledge and skills. For example, did you know that the right height for hanging pictures and paintings is 57-60 inches, which is the eye level of the average person? This is where the center of the art piece should be hung. The placement of the artwork is only one of many things that professional art handlers and hangers take care of when working with the client. So, if you want your art collection to be displayed properly, be sure to hire experts for this job!