Top 10 Apps for Arts Education in 2022

Top 10 Apps for Arts Education in 2022

Arts education is the systematic process of teaching and learning artistic and creative activities like painting, theater, or sculpture. Art is taught in schools to enable students to develop art skills and positive attitudes and cultural values. Studying art gives students the opportunity to explore the history, anthropology, language arts, humanities, and many more. What is no less important, art has proven useful to people of different careers, from bloggers to authors, artists, and even essay writers.

Over the years, art has penetrated human lives and culture, leaving a significant impact on our thoughts and events. Students studying arts get to visit local & international museums to take a look at some of the works by the world’s greatest artists. However, this can be very expensive and at times impossible to achieve. This is the major reason why some entrepreneurs have taken the responsibility of making art more accessible to the public by providing quality applications and websites that bring the art experience closer to students.

These digital apps help improve the learning of art by students. They have a similar function to a professional essay writing service in that regard.

Here are ten of the best apps and websites for arts education that students and academics can easily make use of.

  • Art Project
  • AB EX NY
  • Art2Go
  • ArtHD
  • Gagosian
  • PixPop Art
  • Love Art: National Gallery London
  • Art Authority for iPad
  • Smithsonian: Artists in Dialogue 2
  • Musee du Louvre

Art Project

Art Project is an art app powered by Google, which gives students the opportunity to walk virtually through the hallways of famous museums across the globe. Academics also get to view and share artworks by famous artists with high-definition quality.


This art education application enables students to explore both contemporary and modern art and also watch artistic videos from the exhibit curators. You also get to listen to audio descriptions of famous artworks and share the artistic works on social media platforms.


Art2Go is another exceptional app for arts education. This app is for impressionist and post-impressionist artworks, which also includes audio and visual commentary of the reputed artists and their great artworks.


This is an art education application that lets students and academics explore various art by artists, periods, and movements. You can study famous works and artists’ biographies. This app also includes well-prepared quizzes to improve students’ knowledge of different artworks and their respective artists.


Gagosian is another outstanding arts education application that is updated every quarter of the year. This app allows students to explore various art galleries, artists, and events that showcase beautiful artworks.

PixPop Art

This interesting art education application takes some of the world’s greatest works of art and turns them into a game of jigsaw puzzles or other games to educate students of different cultures and history in an exciting and engaging way.

Love Art: National Gallery London

Love Art is an art education app that showcases some of the world’s greatest art collections from Western Europe, featured at The National Gallery in London. This application lets academics view these works by different themes, such as hope, power, inspiration, and so on.

Art Authority for iPad

Art Authority for iPad is another outstanding arts education app that focuses on bringing real-life art museums to the comfort of your mobile phones and laptops. This unique app allows students to compare and contrast different artworks by their respective artists, subject, theme, location, or titles. The app also gives students educational overviews and breakdowns of more than a thousand of artists’ histories.

Smithsonian: Artists in Dialogue 2

This app allows students to explore the collaboration between the South African artist Sandile Zulu and the Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira at the Smithsonian Institution’s exhibition. It also invites students to join social media conversations on art and test their knowledge of what they have learned so far.

Musee du Louvre

This application was designed for the world’s largest international museum, the famous Louvre in Paris. It shows students and academics the visuals of different artworks, along with their respective descriptions, details, and locations.

Top 10 Apps for Arts Education in 2022

Apart from these apps that show art at museums and galleries, there are a lot of amazing arts education apps that have been designed to help students develop their drawing and editing skills. Some examples of such apps are PHOTOSHOP, KRITA, MEDIBANG PAINT PRO, FIREALPACA, AUTODESK SKETCHBOOK, COREL DRAW, PROCREATE, BLENDER, INKSPACE, and ARTRAGE, among others.

Summing Up

Instead of physically visiting museums to see ancient history and artifacts, these ten art education applications have been designed to allow people to visit art institutions from the comfort of their homes. They also make ancient history, art, and craft accessible to the public at any point in time.