Things to Consider Before You Ship an Oil Painting

Every artist values their work more than anyone else. It is no wonder that when it comes to art transportation, the first thing they think about is how to protect their artworks from all potential risks. For example, oil paintings are among those art pieces that can be easily damaged in transit. Below you will find some tips that you should consider before you ship an oil painting.

How to ship an oil painting?

To stay at ease while the package with your art pieces is going to the customer or elsewhere, you need to ask yourself two things:

  • Did you pack the artwork well enough?
  • Did you choose a reliable art shipping company?

Good packaging is vital for the safety of your painting in transit. The better you protect the artwork, the more chances it arrives at the destination intact. You do not know what may happen on the road, so get the right advice on the proper packaging of your work:

  • Inspect the painting and make sure it is clean and dry.
  • Protect the frame edges with cardboard protectors.
  • Cover the front and back of the work with sturdy cardboard.
  • Wrap the package with bubble wrap.
  • Put the painting in a box and fill the space with cushioning material.
  • Build a wooden crate to safely ship an oil painting over a long distance.
  • Do not use “popcorn” packing material; it may lead to the shifting of your art piece inside the crate.

Once you have perfectly packed your precious artwork, you should think about a reliable art shipping company. Thoroughly research the options, check the feedback and reviews of the company, and find out all the details by contacting it directly. A trustworthy company is always the best way to ship an oil painting safely and successfully.

Feel free to contact Fine Art Shippers if you need an experienced partner who can deliver your art to any place in one piece!