The Monotonous Beauty of Shipping Glass Framed Art

The Monotonous Beauty of Shipping Glass Framed Art

It is a well-known fact that paintings belong to the category of breakables, so their transportation is always a relentless quest that professional shippers begin with sheer enthusiasm. However, there is no limit to how complexly fragile they can be. What we mean is that there are different complications that make artworks even bigger pain in the neck. Size is most infamous, but there is also another thing that immediately pops up in mind – a glass frame. The process of shipping glass framed art has its own peculiarities, as you need to protect not only the canvas but also its frame. Despite facing the predicament, there is a monotonous beauty in it.

The Monotonous Beauty of Shipping Glass Framed Art

Packing and shipping glass framed art always look identical, except in those rare cases when items have some condition issues or special owners’ requirements. The beauty of moving framed paintings lies in the fact that you are responsible for the transportation of basically two distinct and valuable objects – a canvas and a frame. The value of the former is self-evident, but what is so special about the latter? The devil is in the detail!

Frame as a Piece of Art

Generally speaking, frames have two functions. The first and principal one is the protection of the painting surface. It will ensure the safety of a piece while it is on view at an exhibition or in transit. The second purpose of picture framing is purely aesthetic. First and foremost, it influences how people perceive art. Besides, it can be part of the composition and hence give additional value to a work. Take into account the fact that they come in all shapes and sizes, from plain monochromic ones with standard glass to carved ornaments with enhanced museum glass.

The choice of a frame for an artwork is a meticulous process influencing not only the viewer experience but also the integrity and protection of a piece. Structure, materials, proportions, size, and design are not the full list of parameters that experts need to consider when choosing the frame.

In Closing

Now you know that there is a whole science behind frames. And when you need to deliver a canvas or a print with a glass cover, you have to understand how much effort was put into the artwork to appreciate it in full. That’s essentially why shipping glass framed art is a repetitive yet great beauty that encompasses so much amazing stuff. Fine Art Shippers is always excited to help clients with their framed artworks, so don’t hesitate to contact our team should any need arise.