“The Kat Godness” – New Art Masterpiece by Alejandro Mendez

The Kat Godness

Beautiful art can be born from many different things. It can be born from contentment and happiness. It can be born from desperately sad situations and grief. Beautiful art can even be born from ordinary everyday life. But the most incredible art is born from pain. There are so many exceptionally talented contemporary artists who have suffered terribly, either emotionally or physically, and who have risen above it, putting their pain into art. One of them is the Chilean artist Alejandro Mendez, who has recently introduced his new art masterpiece titled “The Kat Godness.”

New Art Masterpiece by Alejandro Mendez

Alejandro Mendez was born in 1968 in Concepción, one of the largest urban conurbations of Chile. He is a very talented visual artist, a painter, a musician, a father, and, most importantly, a person who has managed to overcome certain painful events and learn what it is like to experience life with an open heart, and not only exist. Mendez’s works are a reflection of his personal travel through suffering and happiness. They reveal the artist’s inner landscapes full of materiality, bringing contemporary abstract art to a whole new level. His amazing paintings are full of gestures, movements, sharp structures, intriguing symbols, signals, and sometimes even hidden characters that the viewer can find among the intricate visceral tissues. This is clearly seen in the artist’s recent art masterpiece titled “The Kat Godness.”

“The Kat Godness” – New Art Masterpiece by Alejandro Mendez

“The Kat Godness” (“Kat” is a word game with “Cat”) is distinguished by its open and dynamic composition that is consistent with the artist’s internal change in his identity and state of mind, caused by the process of personal maturation and acceptance. It is intuitive, rather than rational, created to help people who have also been restrained by certain events from their past recover. Art by Alejandro Mendez is born from pain, but it is what makes his works stand out from many others. It is all about the healing power of art, the way it is.