Most Expensive Abstract Art Paintings

How can paintings that are just a mix of colors cost millions of dollars? Abstract art is indeed a kind of miracle. It is like visual poetry that doesn’t attempt to show an accurate depiction of reality but instead uses different lines, forms, shapes, and patterns to achieve the effect. It is no wonder that understanding this fine art form doesn’t come naturally for many people. The most interesting thing is that even though most modern abstract art paintings look like they were created by kids, their authors are actually very talented artists with a strong sense of composition and excellent drawing skills. However, instead of painting realistic portraits and landscapes, they choose abstract art as an expression of their personal beliefs, worldviews, and feelings. Some of these paintings are so unusual and unique that art collectors from all over the world are willing to pay millions of dollars for the chance to add such pieces to their collections. Here is just a short list of the most expensive modern abstract art paintings that have captured the imagination of the world.

“Woman III” by Willem de Kooning

“Woman III” was created in 1952-1953 by the famous artist of the Abstract Expressionist movement Willem de Kooning. In 2006, the painting was sold for an incredible sum of $137.5 million at the contemporary art auction. It was bought by Steven A. Cohen, an American investor and hedge fund billionaire, who owns one of the world’s greatest private art collections.

“Le Rêve (The Dream)” by Pablo Picasso

This piece of modern abstract art was created by Pablo Picasso in 1932. The painting has an interesting sale history. Its previous owner Steve Wynn was going to sell it for $139 million. However, while showing this Picasso’s masterpiece to the potential buyer Steven A. Cohen in 2006, he accidentally damaged it. After years of restoration works and thousands of dollars spent on them, Wynn eventually sold the painting in 2013. Guess what? The buyer was Cohen, and he paid for it $155 million.

“No. 5” by Jackson Pollock

“No. 5” was created in 1948 by the famous American artist Jackson Pollock, who is known throughout the world for his contributions to the Abstract Expressionist movement. This painting is probably one of the most recognizable pieces of modem abstract art, largely due to the fact that it has changed the way people think of art itself. “No. 5” went under the hammer for $140 million in 2006.

“Les Femmes d’Alger (Version O)” by Pablo Picasso

“Les Femmes d’Alger (Version O)” or “Women of Algiers (Version O),” created by Pablo Picasso in 1955, is another perfect example of modern abstract art paintings. Initially estimated at $140 million, it was sold for $179.4 million at Christie’s New York in 2015. The buyer remained anonymous.

This list of the most expensive abstract art pieces is actually not exhaustive and includes only several notable works by famous artists. However, it’s enough to understand that this form of fine art not only has the right to exist but also is highly prized by art collectors throughout the world.