Peculiarities of Art Shipment

One may think that relocation and transportation of valuable items overseas is an easy task to do. However, it is not so, and professional art handlers know it very well. The services of art shipment companies are extremely valuable because the process of transportation has many peculiarities and rules necessary for safe delivery.

The Process of Art Shipment

It can be interesting for our readers to learn what things should be considered to ship valuable items:

Route Development

Art shipment is a laborious task to do because transportation itself is a dangerous process that may damage the precious items if not organized properly. One of the first requirements is to develop the safest route, which may include shipment by road, by air, or by sea (or all of them combined). Specialists say that it is better to use road transport, but this variant is not always possible for international transportation. The one thing to remember is that the route should be the safest from the point of view of road conditions, and the shortest one at the same time.

Appraisal Procedure

When it comes to antiquities art shipment, it should be said that insurance is obligatory even if you want to transport your piece of art on a short distance. The price of some antiquities is too high to expose them to danger; that is why, the insurance process is unavoidable. To get the insurance, it is necessary to learn the appraised value of all transported items; therefore, the appraisal procedure conducted by specialists is needed before transportation.


All transported pieces of art must have individual packing. Packing is an obligatory measure to prevent possible mechanical damages during transportation. Moreover, packing protects objects from bright light, moisture, and dust. Experienced handlers will tell you that each kind of artworks needs its own type of package, and the process itself should be done by professionals if you want to deliver artworks safely.


This is the final part of the entire process. If you decided to transport your artworks by road, you need to find an experienced driver who knows how to protect your items from any damage and deliver them safely to the destination.

Fine Art Shippers is a professional company that has a great experience if the field of antiquities transportation. We know how important proper planning and transportation are for artworks’ safety, and we are ready to provide our clients with the best conditions and best professionals who will take care of each piece of art properly.