New York Moving Plan, or How to Prepare for a Move

New York is a great place to move to. However, a moving process can be so exhausting that you won’t even feel excited about changing your place. We have compiled a New York moving plan so that you can make your relocation stress-free and smooth. Check out these easy steps to follow when moving to the Big Apple.

New York Moving Plan, or How to Prepare for a Move

Start with these steps

Choose a reliable NYC moving company

The first step to take is to start researching reliable moving companies with NYC moving experience. Consider Fine Art Shippers, one of the best movers in New York. We offer a wide range of professional services, including furniture moving, white glove moving, and packing & crating, among others.

Make the inventory of your belongings

Decide what items you will need in your new place and what you can get rid of.

Pack your stuff

Get rid of the items you do not need

To make your New York moving process less costly, get rid of or donate things you no longer want or need in your new NYC home.

Book your mover

If you do not want to pack all your belongings yourself, consider the professional packing services that your movers provide. At Fine Art Shippers, we can securely pack and crate even the most fragile items, including fine art, delicate furniture, glassware, and other valuables.

Prepare for your move

Find a storage unit

Take your time to find a reliable storage facility in case you need to store your stuff for some time. Opt for a climate-controlled storage unit equipped with a sophisticated security system.

Discuss moving details with your movers

Discuss the range of moving services needed to securely move your stuff to New York, the final moving price, deadlines, moving insurance, etc.

Hopefully, our New York moving plan will be useful to you. Feel free to contact Fine Art Shippers if you want to keep rested while your stuff is in transit.