NeueHouse – A Cultural Home for Creators


New York is home to many artists, designers, filmmakers, and other creative people who draw their inspiration from the electric energy of the city that has long been called the art capital of the world. From unique masterpieces carefully preserved in the best museums to impressive architecture to mind-blowing street art that can be found everywhere, The Big Apple is full of amazing creations that inspire and motivate. People from around the globe come to New York to bring their ideas to life, and they all sometimes need a special place to provoke new ways of thinking and maintain a creative mindset. One such place is NeueHouse that is often called a cultural home for creators and innovators of any kind.

NeueHouse – A Cultural Home for Creators

NeueHouse is an American company providing collaborative workspace and related services. It was established in 2011 by James O’Reilly, Alan Murray, and Joshua Abram, with the first workspace opened in New York two years later. Today, in addition to its iconic Manhattan location on Madison Square, NeueHouse occupies the original CBS Studios in Hollywood and plans to open one more workspace in Downtown Los Angeles in the short future.

NeueHouse is rightfully called a cultural home because it is much more than just another co-workspace – it is a place where new ideas are born and new connections are established. It is also a perfect platform for shared experiences and interesting conversations. Designed to inspire, drive original thinking, and cultivate curiosity, NeueHouse is a favorite place for many talented people working in the publishing, design, fashion, film, and arts sectors. Besides, both spaces in New York and Los Angeles offer an opportunity to host private events, from launch parties and summits to screenings and intimate gatherings.

At Fine Art Shippers, we love NeueHouse, and we highly recommend this unique co-workspace to all creatives living in New York.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons User Senseitells / CC BY 3.0