Moving Taxidermy Birds and Animals in the US

Moving Taxidermy Birds

Over the last 25 years, Fine Art Shippers has moved a rich variety of different art pieces ranging in size, medium, and weight. Oil and acrylic paintings, glass and bronze sculptures, fine art prints and works on paper, ceramic art, unique comic book pages, Art Deco, and large-scale art installations are just some of the items that our team has been trusted to move. Fine Art Shippers also has experience in moving taxidermy birds and animals that are usually carefully preserved in natural history museums.

Moving Taxidermy Birds and Animals in the US

Moving taxidermy birds and animals is the same as moving a fragile glass sculpture, as these items require no less care and attention to detail.

Moving Taxidermy Birds and Animals in the USArt packing materials – from painter’s tape for glass protection to bubble wrap to cardboard – should be chosen wisely, with the artwork’s moving requirements in mind. Besides, many taxidermy items are transported in custom wooden crates that we build ourselves, either in our warehouse in Brooklyn, NY or at the client’s location.

As for the method of transportation, at Fine Art Shippers, we offer individual moving solutions and consolidated art shuttles. The latter are the most popular option due to the lower cost of the service. Our shuttles cover almost the entire United States, running from the East Coast to the West Coast, from the Southern States to the Midwest, from New England to the Mountain States, and more. New York, Boston, Washington, DC, Miami, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Dallas, Denver, Chicago, and Philadelphia are just some of the cities that we can visit to pick up and deliver your art pieces.

Moving taxidermy birds and animals is a delicate task, but we can handle it with professionalism and care. If it is what you are looking for, Fine Art Shippers would be happy to serve any of your needs!