Most Common Types of Art Shipping Services

Moving artwork from one place to another seems to be an absolute horror to inexperienced art lovers. Even the slightest damage can have a devastating impact. Purchasing is of no value if you cannot get your masterpiece home. You can certainly transport your artwork on your own if you are courageous enough to do it. However, we highly recommend getting professional art shipping services in order not to take unnecessary risk and to protect your piece from damage and destruction.

Most Common Types of Art Shipping Services

If you are new to the process of art transportation, then take your time to learn the most common types of shipping services you will probably come across.

Shipping by road

While the term “shipping” originally referred to the sea transportation, in modern world, it means transporting cargo by any means, including by land. Sometimes, road transport is the only way for transporting goods to and from rural areas. Moreover, many transport companies offer scheduled art shipping services known as art shuttles. It is a very convenient and also the most affordable way to transport your art safely.

Shipping by rail

Railroads reportedly move more than 30 percent of American freight. This transportation method is fast and reliable as it is less dependent on weather condition and traffic jams, but not really flexible because of the strict schedules.

Shipping by sea

Sea freight can accommodate all shapes, sizes, and weights of freight. Shipping containers utilized during the maritime transportation can also be used for further transportation by road or rail. The only downside is that sea transportation is known to be slower than road or air transportation. Therefore, it is unsuitable for transporting urgent cargo.

Shipping by air

It is the fastest type of freight transport, so it is suitable for shipping goods that need to be delivered to long distances in a short period. Most airlines have a large network of destinations, which covers almost the entire world. The disadvantage of air transport is that it is considered more expensive as compared to other means of transport.

At Fine Art Shippers, we offer a full range of professional art shipping services so that our clients could choose the best solution depending on their needs. We do our best to make sure the artwork arrives at the destination intact, on time, and in perfect condition. Trust professionals to transport your precious cargo to wherever it needs to be in the world!