How to Store Canvas Paintings at Home: Tips for Beginners

How to Store Canvas Paintings at Home

So, you have accumulated quite a collection of paintings. Your personal living space is filled with them, and you do not feel like stopping just yet. You buy more art and decide to change your decorum — but what to do with the paintings you have just removed from the walls? How to preserve the treasured artwork for years to come? Today, we will talk about the necessary steps you have to take to safely store canvas paintings at home. 

How to Properly Store Canvas Paintings

1. Condition of art pieces

When it comes to art preservation, transportation, and storage, the first step is almost always the same: you need to check the condition of every piece. If you notice any damage in the structure of the painting or the frame, it is in your best interest to take care of those issues before putting them away.

2. Packaging layers

When you store canvas paintings, it is extremely important to protect them from outside influences. The best way to ensure the painting’s safety is to properly pack the piece. First, wrap the piece in something that will keep out moisture and dust. For this purpose, you can use acid-free paper, bubble wrap, or art plastic. A box made to the measurements of the painting or separation boards made of wood or cardboard should hold your paintings in place and prevent accidents.

3. Climate control

Think about the space you are planning to store canvas paintings in. Is there direct sunlight? Is it too hot or too humid? The conditions of the storage space will inform the way you will need to pack your paintings. For example, you should not use bubble wrap in humid environments, and direct contact with sunlight will cause the paint to fade.

4. Original structure

We advise you not to disrupt the original state in which you purchased your artwork. Removing the canvas painting from its stretcher bars and rolling it might seem like a clever way to save storage space, but it is not a good idea in the long run. The support offered by the painting’s frame and stretcher bars is crucial in keeping the artwork in prime condition.

If you are not sure you can provide proper conditions to store canvas paintings, consider putting your pieces in a specialized art storage facility. At Fine Art Shippers, we not only provide art transportation services, but we can also help with storing your prized art collection. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.