How to Organize a Move Without Being Emotionally Exhausted

Anyone who has ever moved to a new house or even city will dread repeating that experience again. The memory of how exhausting, time-consuming, and nerve-wracking that was may hunt you down for years after the actual move happened. Though, why is it so? Does it have to be like that? There must be ways you can prepare yourself for a move without turning it into an emotional catastrophe. Let’s see how you can organize a move without it being emotionally exhausting.

Give yourself time

The number one tip we’d love to offer is giving yourself enough time to prepare and organize everything. Nothing stresses you out more than the lack of time and the need to do everything in a rush. Time pressure can be the worst-case scenario when you are planning a move. So, as long as you can afford it, give yourself about two months to get ready for the move. Pack slow. Make a system to organize and label everything to your convenience. Find the moving company you trust. When you can move at your own pace and time, you can approach every task at hand with more focus and peace.


Next, if you have enough time, try to declutter beforehand. Don’t move things that you have no interest in keeping into your new place. Why would you take up the time and space to move them anyway? This is a perfect opportunity to get rid of everything that doesn’t serve you. So take this chance to declutter and pack only things you’d be sad to part with. We promise you, you’ll feel more empowered and organized once you finish with this.

Make a system

Staying organized is your only chance to go through the move relatively calmly. So don’t miss out on it. First, come up with the organizational system that works best for you. Such a system should include schedule, timing, the chronology of steps, labeling, and more. See how much time you have before moving out and plan every little thing you have to do during that period. Next, schedule those things and try to stick to your plans.

What’s more, try to prepare everything you need in advance, so you won’t have to go shopping or box searching at the very last minute. If you have enough time at your hands, make it to your advantage. If you don’t have much spare time, make every day count. Make a plan and move accordingly.

Distribute tasks

Knowing when to ask for help can be a great advantage to you in life. What’s more, your mental health will also thank you for that. So see where you can do things on your own and where you can use a hand. Go for it and ask for some help when you need it. Seek professional services or ask friends and family members. It’s up to you. Just don’t try to pull it off all by yourself. It’s simply unnecessary and extremely exhausting. It’s like when you were at college, and you’d rather contact professionals instead of pulling all-nighters. You would worry about things like “is myperfectpaper legit?” but you’d learn to let go of control. Now, it’s similar. Learn to trust professionals and the people who help you.

Accept a chance for mistakes

Mistakes will happen. This is an inevitable part of moving. You just have to accept that something you did not predict and could not control will happen at some point. It may sound odd, but if you get used to that thought beforehand, you’ll have an easier time handling the crisis when it actually happens.

Find time for yourself

A move can be a rather hectic time. For some period, you can forget that you have other things in life. Nothing else is going on but your move, packing, labeling, and so on. You should not fall into such a state of mind. It’s unhealthy and will lead to anxiety and other health complications. Instead, don’t forget to live your life. Plan some me-time or treats if you need to. Just make sure you have enough time to spend with your loved ones and by yourself.

Pause and say goodbye

At some point, you have to pause, look around, and take it all in. See what is happening and accept the changes in your life. You can be so preoccupied with your tasks that you don’t even notice what a major transitional point that move can be. So make a pause, feel gratitude for the place you have been living all that time and the memories you had there. Say goodbye, and get ready for the next stage in your life, perhaps, through a goodbye party to make it official and more fun.