Fine Art Shippers Behind the Scenes at the Ferrari and Mitchell Schorr Exhibitions

Fine Art Shippers at the Ferrari and Mitchell Schorr Exhibitions

Last week was marked by the celebration of Ferrari’s 70th anniversary and Mitchell Schorr’s exhibition of contemporary art, both hosted by Rockefeller Center. Fine Art Shippers is proud to have been part of these important events that took place on October 5-8.

Ferrari 70th anniversary celebration, with its massive birthday bash spanning 60 countries worldwide, was capped off here, in New York, with several amazing exhibitions of rare and iconic supercars displayed throughout the city. The first of them titled “Through The Decades” took place on the central plaza, celebrating one extraordinary Ferrari per decade. The open-air exhibition featured seven of the most important sportscars in the Ferrari’s history, including the 250 California Spyder and Michael Schumacher’s championship-winning Formula 1 Ferrari F2001. Plus, the limited edition LaFerrari Aperta introduced this year was also on public display at Rockefeller Center. This all allowed Ferrari clients, fans, and luxury car collectors to learn more about the legendary Italian carmaker and the company’s notable supercars.

Through The Decades“Through The Decades” was followed by an auction sale at the Rainbow Room, paired with a unique art exhibition by the famous urban artist Mitchell Schorr, whose Ferrari-inspired works were delivered to Rockefeller Center by our dedicated team of New York fine art movers. It is needless to say that we are proud that Fine Art Shippers was chosen among many art moving companies for this job, which allowed us to use our experience in moving fine art in New York and help organize such an important event. Besides, it is always a pleasure to work with talented artists like Mitchell Schorr.

Whether you are a New Yorker, a tourist spending time in Manhattan, or a fan of street art, you have probably heard of Mitchell Schorr or, at least, seen the artist’s large 3D murals Da Race. His recognizable Mister Softee ice cream truck, along with a variety of vintage police cruisers and sportscars, can be found in many of New York City’s parks, on construction walls, sidewalks, security gates, buildings, and other places around the island and beyond. Moreover, some of Mitchell Schorr’s works are now part of the permanent collection of the Detroit Institute of the Arts.

3D murals Da Race

Along with public art, Mitchell Schorr is known for his series of oil paintings, the best of which our team of fine art movers was happy to transport from the artist’s studio to Rockefeller Center. The entire art collection inspired by vintage Ferraris was moved and installed at the Rainbow Room to the delight of fans, using the latest art shipping techniques and only the best art packing materials. Each piece was carefully packed by the best art handlers in NYC and delivered to the destination in its pristine condition to be exhibited and eventually sold to the connoisseurs of both contemporary art and Ferrari supercars. It was indeed a great experience for everyone involved in the fine art transportation and installation process.

Ferrari supercars

It is also worth noting that both “Through The Decades” Ferrari show and Mitchell Schorr’s exhibition of contemporary art were part of the global charity program “Save the Children” aimed at supporting educational programs and giving children a healthy start in life. Last month, Ferrari already donated $10 million after the one-of-a-kind LaFerrari Aperta had been sold at the RM Sotheby’s “Leggenda e Passione” sale.

Leggenda e Passione

Overall, it was a great week for Fine Art Shippers, Mitchell Schorr, Ferrari North America, and all those who visited Rockefeller Center on October 5-8. Without a doubt, this event will be remembered for years to come. As for our team, we are looking forward to applying our fine art packing and shipping expertise to the next significant NYC event.

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Scuderia Ferrari Formula

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