Everything You Need to Know About Light Installation Art

Everything You Need to Know About Light Installation Art

Light as an art medium wasn’t popular until the late 20th century. With the technological progress, artists had the chance to mix art and tech on a more sophisticated level that allowed them to push the boundaries of art and perception. What is the focus of light installation art, and where can you find high-quality light shows today?

Light Installation Art: How Is It Possible?

Luminism – an alternative name for light art – is part of the so-called “new media,” which also includes interactive art, digital art, sound art, etc. A light artist aims to manipulate people’s minds and change their perception of space. This is made  possible thanks to the skillful use of light switches and color variations. Whilea painter uses a brush and paints to create a painting, an installer toys with fluorescent lamps, projectors, lasers, and LED tubes. With such an arsenal of materials and equipment, artists can not only create shapes and patterns, but also immerse the viewer in a whole new reality..

Light installation art doesn’t exist on its own. It is more of an umbrella term encompassing different manipulations with light. At an art exhibition dedicated to light art, you can see neon artworks and light sculptures combined with live projections and music, which makes the entire event more mesmerizing and charming. Speaking of outdoor light shows, you might have already heard of light graffiti, where light is projected onto buildings.

Where to Go to See Light Art Installations?

Most of the time, light art installations are temporary, so you will want to check updates from such artists as Olafur Eliason, Mary Corse, Leo Villareal, Anthony McCall, Yayoi Kusama, and James Turrell. There are also permanent exhibits that you can visit right now:

Centre for International Light Art, Germany: it is the only museum completely devoted to collecting and presenting by far the biggest collection of light art in the world.

Les Bassins des Lumières, France: this French art center features the largest digital artwork of today. Thanks to the 90 projectors working at the same time, we can call it the largest piece of light installation art as well.

teamLab, Tokyo: known for its incredibly immersive installations, the international art collective is a team of “ultra-technologists” who create massive and complex artworks using digital technologies.

If you want to find more about light installation art, these places are a green light for you!