Common Challenges of Shipping Artwork Internationally in 2022

Common Challenges of Shipping Artwork Internationally in 2022

These days, international politics is changing day by day. No matter where you are going to ship your art, there will always be bans and restrictions that most art owners, artists, and collectors encounter on a regular basis. Today, Fine Art Shippers wants to tell you about the main challenges of shipping artwork internationally in 2022. Hopefully, the following information will be as helpful as only possible.

Common Challenges of Shipping Artwork Internationally in 2022

Customs problems

Customs and international shipping cannot exist without each other. The amount of bureaucracy depends on the country where you ship your art to/from. It is the best way when you do your homework beforehand so that you have an exact algorithm of actions and documents once something unplanned happens.

Inadequate safety

Whether you ship your art by sea, air, or land, it is important to make a reliable and firm shipping package. It is not like local art moving. This time, you should be very careful and opt for the best options by art logistics companies. If your artworks are not protected according to the proper standards, the chances are that the content of your shipment will get damaged.


By shipping artwork internationally, you automatically accept the rule that there will be delays of all kinds. Most of the time, it is because of weather, but it can be really anything. In such cases, everything that can help you is patience and understanding.

High service cost

If you plan to ship your paintings abroad, you are most likely not afraid of freight cost. Indeed, you can calculate the cost in advance, but be always ready for additional expenses.

After this blog post, you will think more carefully before shipping artwork internationally. Following today’s guide, you will be able to prevent common mistakes and save a lot of time and effort.