As Clear as Glass: How to Ship Glass Dinnerware Without It Breaking

As Clear as Glass: How to Ship Glass Dinnerware Without It Breaking

Discovering smashed glass tableware in the box that has just been delivered to your door is hardly pleasant. And yet it is what happens when people pay little attention to the safety of their belongings, which usually stems from run-off-the-mill ignorance towards the peculiarities of items that need shipping. To make sure bad hair days won’t happen to you in the future, learn how to ship glass dinnerware without it breaking in transit.

Where to Start?

Before you take on such a risky task, we recommend that you learn more about the material your items are made from. There are different types of glass, with some kinds being more practical and less fragile and others being used purely for aesthetic and decorative purposes. Without this step, it would be hard to choose the right shipping tactics in the first place.

Tempered and vitrified glass is less likely to chip and or crack during transportation. Even if broken, tableware made of these types of glass will break into smaller and duller pieces. Thorough attention should be paid to milk glass and glass drinkware that are super fragile and thus require extra care and attention.

How to ship glass dinnerware in each case? When you, for example, plan to deliver a handful of glassware consisting of objects made of firmer glass types, you are safe to pack it and ship by yourself, as those items will be fine provided that they have minimal protection. However, when it comes to a large family collection of fragile plates and cups, it is always right to let professional shippers do the job for you.

How to Ship Glass Dinnerware That Is Super Fragile 

Breakable glass objects are best handled by white glove movers and art shippers, specialists who work with delicate items most often. When you hire a company, you should expect to see a team of shipping technicians who have a range of packing materials to help you with your task. Every piece of glassware will be treated both individually and collectively, as it is vital to secure each element of the collection against a collision with each other.

Once everything is packed and labeled, shippers will transport tableware following all safety standards. That is arguably the best way to transport kitchenware without causing damage to it. If you have questions on how to ship glass valuables, don’t hesitate to address them to the Fine Art Shippers’ team that has been specializing in the transportation of glass art and glassware since 1995.