Art Storage Essentials

Lucky owners of modern art and antique works have to take care about their property even if the art collection is not displaying at the moment. Especially, it concerns those who don’t have enough rooms and walls in the home to place all the items. Thereby, using a reputable art storage essentials is probably the best solution that will keep your artworks safe. Nevertheless, pay attention to the following features:

1. Climate control. It is one of the most important requirements, as the wrong climate can cause mold and mildew that eventually will damage your precious artworks. Moreover, sudden changes in temperature can make the paint brittle, which in its turn can cause peeling or cracking of the paint.

2. Frame care. While being in an art storage, paintings should be protected from their glass frames, for example, with the help of the acid-free mat placed between the painting and the glass. As for the frame itself, its corners should be also protected in order not to be damaged.

3. Flat files. If you have canvas art works or other paintings without frames, don’t use packing tubes. In general, flat files will make great storage for practically all kinds of paintings. Moreover, they should be stored in special acid-free art folders that will protect items from transferring colors, touching, etc.

However, if you have any questions, please, contact Fine Art Shippers for additional information about art storage and other fine art shipping services. We are always ready to help!