Antique Furniture Moving Company You Deserve

Just like fine art, antique and designer furniture pieces are highly valuable and often pretty expensive. It is a great loss if something ever happens to any of them. Despite just breaking antique furniture at one unfortunate moment, there are more other ways to have it smashed to pieces. One of them is shipping it carelessly. That is why we, as a furniture moving company, want to provide you with complete information on this issue and help you choose qualitative antique moving services.

Choosing the right furniture moving company

If you are a newbie to moving antique furniture, you are likely to make some common mistakes in choosing the right company. What you want is a professional and credible furniture moving company, right? Then, we have a couple of basic features that will help you understand that the company is the right one for you.


The value of this feature lies simply in the amount of experience the moving team has. It is never commensurate with other peculiarities of the company because it is the experience that makes a huge difference when dealing with antique furniture. The object can be fragile to the extent that even one sharp turn or innocuous knock will trigger the catastrophe. The more trained and acknowledged the movers are, the better furniture moving services they provide. For example, Fine Art Shippers possesses more than 20 years of experience, which makes us an attractive option for many.


The selection of available services is another essential aspect. Professional packing, custom crating, insurance, storage, white glove delivery, and installation are just some of the most important services that should be offered by the company. Furthermore, pay attention to the service area. For instance, Fine Art Shippers is a team of NYC movers, but we operate all over the US and worldwide, meaning that we can deliver your furniture pieces to any destination without a hassle. 


Affordability is the thing that most people are concerned about. Hiring a professional furniture moving company is not cheap, but it can still be cost-effective if you collaborate with the right movers. At Fine Art Shippers, we try to provide our services at the most competitive and fair prices. If you feel like turning to us, please fill in a free quote or contact us directly. We are always ready to help!