6 Key Tips to Ensure Safe Art Transport

Even if you have certain experience in fine art shipping, to transport valuable and fragile items is always risky. Thereby, whether it comes to moving oil paintings, porcelains, or sculptures, it is of utmost importance to ensure they arrive at their destination in the pristine condition. Below are a few key tips on safe art transport for your collectibles.

1. Use high-quality bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap is a must-have for art packing. It can be used for wrapping the entire piece to prevent scratches and dents, as well as a void-fill material to reduce shifting inside the box. However, keep in mind that some kinds of artwork (e.g. oil paintings, pastels, etc.) cannot be wrapped directly in bubble wrap as it can damage the surface.

2. Choose the right shipping boxes.

Use only durable double-wall corrugated boxes that are a little bit larger than the artwork you need to ship. Please note that it is always recommended to pack a single item in two boxes, each filled with cushioning material for better protection.

3. Use high-quality packing tape.

Don’t try to save on packing tape, or it can lead to disaster. You need only high-quality tape that sticks well and can hold the box tight the entire time it is in transit. After all, you don’t want the packaging to deteriorate before your artwork reaches its destination.

4. Use shipping labels.

Even though shipping labels (e.g. Fragile, Do Not Stack, Top Load Only, etc.) cannot prevent all damage, they can attract the attention of the art movers to the contents of your boxes and show which of them should be handled with the utmost care.

5. Consider custom crates.

Large paintings and sculptures should be transported in custom built crates designed specifically for them. It is the only right way to protect them in transit. Consult the art moving company regarding packing and crating services to find the best solution for your most valuable items.

6. Ask for help.

If you are not sure you can handle a particular artwork (e.g. oddly shaped or too heavy items), ask for professional help and advice. Thus, you will protect not only your precious possessions but your health too.

Moving art and antiques can be tricky, but you can ensure their safe art transport by applying the above tips. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact our team in any convenient way.