Why are Shipping Crates Better than Cartons?

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Carton or art shipping crates, which packaging tool offers fine art shippers better value? Before deciding to use a particular form of packaging, ask and answer the above question comprehensively to get the best value for your money. Whether you are shipping artwork for commercial or noncommercial purposes, get the difference since somehow, all artworks have a given monetary value. Keep on reading to find the answers to this question to allow you to make an informed and beneficial decision.

They are Reusable

The first advantage that art shipping crates have over cartons is that they are reusable. Therefore, their reuse nature offers you greater value for your money. Inversely, their carton counterparts break and crush, and hence, their fragile nature does not make them ideal for transporting a heavy shipment or reusing for a long time.

They are More Durable

The second reason why shipping crates are a better packaging option for transporting your artwork is that they are more durable than cartons. Their durable nature means that they will serve you for a longer time without needing to invest more money into packaging materials.

Heavy Duty

Unlike boxes, you can get crates designed to transport all types and sizes of artwork. They are ideal when you want to ship large pieces of art such as statues that don’t need to be shipped in containers.

They Offer Better Protection

No matter the type or size of the artwork you want to transport, always be mindful of its safety. With art shipping crates, you can let your artwork enjoy greater protection along the way and during storage, something a carton cannot offer you.

You Can Stack them

Also, shipping crates are strong enough to allow for stable and safe stacking, unlike their carton counterparts. The ease and safety of stacking your cartons mean they can save you more storage space than cartons can do.

They are Moisture-Resistant

Moisture and other hostile weather elements are some of the biggest enemies of most types of artworks during storage and transportation. Unlike cartons, which are not resistant to these elements, shipping crates can resist them and keep your art pieces safe.

With the insights we have shared in this discourse, we believe that you have now seen the difference between these two forms of artwork packaging. We hope you will make the right decision and choose them whenever you need to ship your artwork.