White Glove Moving and Storage Services

Fine Art Shippers being a professional white glove moving and storage company is ready to provide different kinds of art handling services that will take all the hassle out of do-it-yourself moving. So what are our advantages?

1. We work with fine art objects of any size. Whether you have one of the modern art metal large sculptures or a small, fragile item made of rice paper, we will transport it expertly and with extreme delicacy.

2. A smooth journey is guaranteed. We provide New York moving services, as well as across the country and international transportation services. And in all cases we use the proper packing materials to ensure that your artwork will arrive safely and on time. They may include shredded paper, acid-free tissue paper, custom crates, and many others depending on the transported object.

3. Your peace of mind is our responsibility. We plan our routes in advance with an eye toward the traffic and weather, and our professional drivers are trained for different Force Majeure situations. Our vehicles are always well maintained. Moreover, we use such precautions like alarms, tracking devices, and locks.

4. We help with the art installation. Once we have arrived at the destination, whether it is an art storage space, private residence, museum, or gallery, we will check the environment for humidity, salt, and other possible dangers, and surely help with art installation. In this way, you can entrust the transportation of any complexity to Fine Art Shippers. Call us for immediate help!