What You Should Know about Freight & Cargo Shipping

No matter what time you do it, cargo or freight shipping is always a daunting task that requires your attention. Whether it comes to large sculptures or antique furniture shipping, most likely you have many questions and concerns regarding this process. Even if you use professional cargo or freight services, there are still several things you should check yourself to make sure that your shipment will arrive at its destination safe and sound. Let’s discuss some of the most important stages you need to pay your attention to!

Packing and crating

Proper packing is crucial for any shipment. Therefore, the first thing you should do is choose high-quality packing supplies for the items being shipped. It is always recommended to order sturdy custom crates for the most fragile and valuable objects. However, you can also use special cages, cartons, and drums depending on your cargo needs.

Besides, don’t forget about inner packing supplies (e.g. paper pad, honeycomb, foam cushioning, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc.). Such cushioning material is used for contents protection during transit. Plus, if you are shipping metals objects, it won’t be superfluous to additionally use any corrosion protection packing materials.

One more thing to consider when packing your shipment is the strength of your pallet. Keep in mind, this task usually requires some time and effort. Thus, if you don’t want your items to be damaged, always use containers of the similar size. Moreover, make sure your pallet has a flat top and avoid overhang.


No matter the contents of your shipment, proper labeling and marking are a must-have. Ideally, you need to securely label each package you are going to ship with the contact information of both, the recipient and the shipper. These should include the correct ZIP code, address, and name. Besides, you can use special shipping labels for safe handling and couriering (e.g. Fragile, This End Up, Keep Dry, Handle With Care, etc.).

Bill of lading

To have an accurately completed legal contract with the chosen cargo or freight company is important for any shipper. Since it can help you avoid most possible problems and misunderstandings, you should treat it with the utmost seriousness. Be prepared to provide the service provider with the weight of your shipment, its dimensions, packaging, and also the cost of the product. Moreover, make sure that the information about the contents, its destination, and location of origin is correct.

All of these things can help you prepare for your next shipping. However, to choose the right freight company is still crucial, as they can greatly facilitate your task and, what’s more, reduce the shipping costs. If you don’t know where to start, contact Fine Art Shippers today! We work closely with professional freight forwarders and know exactly how to organize the local or international shipping at the best possible price rate.