What Makes an International Shipping Crate Better Than a Box?

What Makes an International Shipping Crate Better Than a Box?

If international art shipping was a walk in the park, it wouldn’t be one of the key topics in the industry. Given the fact that artworks are very susceptible to damage and eventually suffer from negligence or force majeure from time to time, it is important to talk about things that can reduce shipping disaster risks. For example, the question of what makes an international shipping crate better than a corrugated box is pretty common since it directly influences the clients’ moving budget. Let’s clear up some facts that will lead us to a valid conclusion.

What Makes an International Shipping Crate Better Than a Box?

Believe it or not, explaining the contrast between a box and a crate might be a challenge if you dig too deep. The thing is that both types of containers have their own varieties that sometimes may even overlap. Take, for example, the difference between a wooden box and a crate (which is wooden by default). So, let’s define the semantics of both terms:

An international shipping crate is a wooden custom-made fully-enclosed container that repeats the dimensions of an object, an artwork in particular. Technically, it can be called a box as well.

When it comes to boxes, though, people usually mean containers made of corrugated cardboard. They are extremely common in logistics because they are affordable, lightweight, and easy to handle.

Now, imagine that you need to ship your canvas from the US to Europe or any other region or country. It might be tempting to save some money and use a box instead of a shipping crate. But can you rely on its safety? Even the strongest type of cardboard can collapse under weight or pressure from other items. Moreover, they provide bad protection against different weather conditions, especially humidity. Summing all these factors up, it can be concluded that such artworks shipping containers are no good for international deliveries.

By contrast, crates are built from high-quality plywood and designed to precisely fit your items, no matter how odd their shapes are. Adequate protection against weather changes and mechanical damage explains the higher cost of crating services. Yes, it is not often a required safety measure for interstate delivery, but it is definitely a must for moving objects overseas.


Whether you need an international shipping crate or a cardboard box, Fine Art Shippers is your most reliable partner. Tell us where your art belongs, and we will make sure that it will reach the desired destination safely and securely.