What Does an Art Handler Do?

Art handlers… who are they and what do they do? We have faced the problem that some people know very little or almost nothing about art handling and individuals engaged in this kind of work. Let’s fix it! In a nutshell, art handlers are people who work directly with fine art objects in art galleries, museums, art shipping companies, as well as in other different venues related to private, corporate, and public art collections. Art handling isn’t as easy as it may seem at first blush, and it requires the right blend of skills and experience. In this article, we are going to reveal some secrets of art handling to help our clients understand the whole process of art transportation. A professional art handler typically should perform some of the following tasks (in some cases, all of them):

– pick up and deliver different kinds of artwork, including fragile items, paintings, and large sculptures;

– inspect the artwork to determine when, where, and, what is most importantly, how to pack it for the transportation;

– select the proper packing supplies according to the surface, material, fragility, and condition of the object to make the art moving process efficient and organized;

– provide all necessary packing and crating services;

– have an idea of how to load and tie the artwork within a truck to ensure stable and safe transportation;

– drive a truck if needed;

– select the proper hardware for the professional art installation in corporate and private homes;

– take photos and prepare condition reports;

– complete bills of lading, inventories, and other critical paperwork with great attention to detail;

– have the situational awareness and certain skills to work with a crew or partner in a seamless way;

– take leadership if needed to complete the task quickly and efficiently;

– be an educated person familiar with art history and basic art terminology.

However, it does not mean that all art handlers necessarily have to install art, build custom crates, and drive a large truck at the same time. On the other hand, the more skills the art handler has, the more valuable they are to the fine art shipping company. Anyway, this job does require a tremendous amount of knowledge, personal skills, and professional training. After all, art transportation, art storage, art packing, and crating have to be done both expeditiously and safely. For this reason, Fine Art Shippers is happy to have an experienced team of art handlers who are ready to provide any service related to shipping art. That is why you can entrust us with handling your most valuable art possessions! Feel free to contact us with any questions you have!