Top 5 High-Paying Art Careers for 2022

Top 5 High Paying Art Careers for 2022

The modern world is getting friendlier to creative people with each passing year. Stereotypes about low-paying and unpromising professions of painter, dancer, and other art careers are gradually being shattered. Creative people have every chance to earn high salaries by pursuing an occupation that matches their character. So, what job to choose this year if you want to commit your life to the arts?

Top 5 High-Paying Art Careers for 2022

1. Designer

This field offers a wide range of occupations so that anyone can find themselves interested in design. Some create designer furniture and chic interiors; others focus on garden landscaping, web development, etc. Choose what you like and refine your skills!

2. Art director

You do not even need an art degree to get ahead as an art director and make a lot of money. These professionals conceptualize the visual appearance of various products and oversee designers, copywriters, photographers, etc. You can work for publications, television, film industry, restaurant business, and more.

3. Art handler

An art handler is involved in moving, packing, loading, installing, and handling valuable fine art items. These experts have special skills in transporting artworks to museums, galleries, auction houses, and other institutions. You are not required to have a degree in arts, but an art history background can introduce you to specialists in this field.

4. Illustrator

An illustrator is another high-paying art profession. Illustrators create pictures in a particular style according to a customer’s assignment. You must be fluent in various painting styles and technical aspects.

5. Directors and producers

These professions will be booming in 2022. Directors and producers shoot commercials, TV shows, and movies. Their responsibilities also include casting actors, writing scripts, financing projects, etc.

Certainly, these art careers do not solely mean total fun and a flood of creativity. You will need to put lots of effort into becoming a successful and in-demand professional. Good luck!