Top 5 Best Ceramic and Pottery Stores in New York

Pottery Stores

Handmade pottery is diverse, making it an ideal gift for any occasion or decorating scheme. Dishes, sugar sets, vases, ceremonial jars, and more – each individually handcrafted and one-of-a-kind piece of ceramics or pottery would serve as a memorable gift for a friend or a cool add-on to your own home. But do you know where to buy high-quality pottery in New York? We are here to help you with that! Check out our list of the top 5 best ceramic and pottery stores in the Big Apple.

Top 5 Best Ceramic and Pottery Stores in New York

1. Sara Japanese Pottery

Japanese pottery in this beautiful store is made by both established and novice artists. The range of items includes stunning dinner plates, cup sets, unique vases, and many more. Plus, Sara Japanese Pottery features textile and glass sculptures. All of these catchy pieces can make your gift or home tableware truly exceptional.

Location: 950 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY

2. Clayworks Pottery

A high level of artistry and style makes Clayworks Pottery one of the best pottery stores in New York. Every piece created by Helaine Sorgen, the skilled master behind the craft, is marked with individuality and attention to detail. At Clayworks Pottery, one can purchase candle holders, teapots, plates of all sizes, and more.

Location: 332 East 9th Street, Manhattan, NY

3. MUGI Pottery

MUGI Pottery is both a learning community and a pottery gallery. The potters working there offer classes for people of any age, all those who want to master pottery. The selection of items at the store features various bowls, mugs, vases, casseroles, and other stunning gifts.

Location: 993 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY

4. Le Fanion

Le Fanion is an amazing pottery store offering luxurious and unique items for any taste. These include dinner plates, bowls, mugs, and a gorgeous selection of decorative artworks that make Le Fanion a must-visit destination for those looking for something special for their homes.

Location: 299 West 4th Street, New York, NY

5. Earthworks Pottery

All pottery pieces at Earthworks Pottery are produced by local artists. Moreover, it is a perfect place not only to purchase handmade pottery and sculptures but also to take classes led by talented instructors.

Location: 1705 1st Avenue, New York, NY 

These were some of the best ceramic and pottery stores in New York. If you are looking for something exceptional to add a touch to your home décor, visit these wonderful places without hesitation.