Things to Consider When Shipping Art Work to the Gallery

Artists love to create in a creative atmosphere. They love to experiment with color and medium, but even more, they love to share every detail of their creations and show their work to the public. That is why artists are so proud to have their artworks exhibited at the gallery. The only problem is that to transport paintings, sculptures, or any other kind of art to the gallery is not always easy, especially when it comes to shipping art work abroad. What if the works are lost or damaged in transit? If you don’t want it to happen, the best you can do is hire Fine Art Shippers and entrust the transportation process to the professionals. However, even in such a case, there are still several things you should consider when shipping artwork to the gallery.


One of the first steps in the art transportation process is its proper preparation. To leave everything until the last minute is undoubtedly a bad idea. From planning and packing to shipping and installing, ensure you have enough time to do all these things right and, what is no less important, with the attention they deserve.

Gallery address

While this may sound obvious, don’t forget to check the gallery address before shipping any artwork, especially when it comes to the international exhibition. Contact the gallery representatives and verify their correct address details beforehand in order to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding in future. Besides, let the gallery know when your works are to be delivered.


Proper packing is crucial for shipping any kind of artwork. You need to protect your creations not only from possible damage in transit, but from environmental fluctuations too. Thereby, if you don’t want to risk your artworks, consider ordering professional packing and crating services from a reliable art moving company.


Finally, you need to properly label every box, crate, and container you are shipping to the gallery. These include shipping labels (e.g. Fragile, Handle With Care, Keep From Heat, etc.) to attract the attention of the art handlers and also all the information required for identifying the artwork, including its title and your contact details. Unpacking instructions won’t be superfluous too.

Shipping art work to the gallery can be tricky. However, if you apply expert packing and shipping tips and ask for professional help in case of need, you are sure to get your artworks at their destination safe and sound.