The Role of Culture and Arts in the Integration of Refugees

The Role of Culture and Arts in the Integration of Refugees

Nowadays, the problem of refugees and migrations is significant and relevant. Every year, the percentage of such people increases. Some of them are forced to move because of war or political and economic historical issues. When people are forced to come to a new country, they have many difficulties, from the language barrier to differences in customs and traditions. It makes people uncomfortable and even sad to live in another country, and they cannot start their life over. Therefore, the question arises as to how art can help integrate migrants and refugees.

Cultural development is the basis of integration

Many institutions use artistic practices to facilitate the life of refugees and migrants in a new country. These include theatres, cinemas, galleries, etc. When visiting them, people learn the language of the country faster, make new acquaintances, and are generally encouraged. Here are some examples of how art can help integrate.

Understanding the problem through art

Art can open people’s eyes and help them understand the situation and find solutions through creative processes.

Although such a process as migration has existed for a long time, only recently have people realized that this is precisely the aspect that should be paid attention to. There are many illustrations on this topic, books, free refugee essays samples, entire exhibitions, and even movies. When a person reads a refugee essay or research paper on the topic, they start to understand refugees better. For this reason, people should find more samples of refugee essays, as they can help see what refugees go through and how to help them.

Help from locals

An important aspect is the attitude of indigenous people to new people. Some may be hostile to them, but some may help them. They can recommend reading certain books or visiting the museum or an art gallery together. This way, refugees will not feel superfluous in a new country and can adapt more quickly to new conditions.

Some countries do not grant political rights of citizenship to migrants or refugees immediately. As a result, people are often not involved in the country’s cultural life and feel alienated and unable to integrate fully. Local people must contribute to the cultural development of migrants and refugees to help them adapt.

Volunteer initiatives related to art

Refugees and migrants can also be involved in various art-related volunteering initiatives. This way, people feel helpful to the new country and learn the values ​​of tradition and customs. After all, art is not only about visiting a museum or gallery. It can also be about such simple things as painting a fence and planting trees.

Special projects

Art promotes cultural diversity and encourages people to express ideas. There are many special projects designed for refugees. Such projects help refugees and migrants understand their problems by seeing their lives from the sidelines. Besides, they start better understand the language and certain traditions and, as a result, learn to live in the new country.

For example, there is a project called “Wall between us.” It is designed to help people discuss various migration issues and topics they are afraid of. After all, many refugees want to share their own experiences, hear other people’s opinions, and find a way out of their situation. And this is not the only project created for refugees and migrants. There are many of them created to help people integrate calmly and confidently into the life of the new country.


The issue of migration is critical and widespread today. It does deserve special attention. Strange as it may sound, art itself is perhaps the most vital factor in integrating migrants and refugees into the life of the new country. Governments must implement specific measures to incorporate new people into the community, and specific projects need to be implemented to help them adapt more quickly to new conditions. After all, we should not forget that some migrations are forced, and any help will be much appreciated.