The Best Way to Ship Glass Tables: 5 Expert Tips to Take

The Best Way to Ship Glass Tables: 5 Expert Tips to Take

Glass furniture has an unenviable reputation among movers. While being aesthetically pleasing and comforting on the outside, they are immensely fragile on the inside. Take, for example, a glass table. A four-leg work of art can be a fine addition to the interior and the pain in the neck during a move at the same time. To make transportation of such infamous breakables less hellish, you will want to take the following five expert tips. Let’s find the best way to ship glass tables!

The Best Way to Ship Glass Tables: 5 Expert Tips to Take

1. Remove the top

If your table’s top is attached to the base with screws or other hardware, it is best to disassemble a piece of furniture for a more secure package and transportation. Handling assembled objects increases the risks of accidental damage. However, if you deal with undetachable parts, then move to the next tip.

2. Don’t use all-purpose packing materials

No matter what type of table you have, the packaging is a crucial component of handling. The safety of furniture mostly depends on how well you pack it. Consider using moving blankets to wrap every part of a table and secure it with heavy-duty duct tape. Highly fragile and old pieces can also be put into custom-made wooden crates.

3. Better label it

When you label a package, make sure to use big stickers so that not only movers but also casual home wanderers know the danger. The best way to ship glass tables is with the labels on them. It can help you and shippers avert some problems.

4. Learn storage safety rules in advance

If you plan to store your table somewhere before it is picked up by movers, you need to follow several simple rules. To start with, never lay your pieces flat. Second, do not place anything heavy on top of an object. Last but not least, avoid stacking things because it leads to scratches.’

5. Work only with white glove movers

There isn’t such a thing as the “best way to ship glass tables” without professional white glove movers. Standard delivery companies are often not qualified for such a type of job.

Speaking of moving companies..

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