The Art of Shipping and Moving Banksy Walls

Banksy art

Banksy art is not like any other street art. Works by this world-known anonymous graffiti artist represent fundamentally political art raising a number of ethical and social issues. However, while each Banksy mural is created for the public, the artist’s works are being removed by the buildings’ owners who resell them at auctions for huge profits. Banksy art is indeed very valuable and expensive these days, making it affordable for the super-rich only. Even small prints cost tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention large murals that are sometimes estimated at millions. By the way, the artist himself receives nothing, and he does not approve of the sale of any of his street art. Nevertheless, whether you like it or not, Banksy art is being extracted from the buildings all over the world. But have you ever thought about the process of shipping and moving Banksy walls? How does it all happen? Fine Art Shippers can give you a clue!

Shipping and moving Banksy walls

As you know, two new Banksy murals appeared in the unassuming Brooklyn neighborhood of Midwood, NYC this spring. While one of them was almost immediately destroyed by the building’s owners, another Banksy mural is still in its place, though it will soon be extracted from the wall. Fine Art Shippers is very happy and proud to be chosen for this challenging job as it is indeed a unique opportunity for our team to apply our extensive experience, knowledge, and skills. From extracting Banksy wall in Brooklyn to moving it to the secure storage facility, every single step of this important project will be done by Fine Art Shippers with the utmost precision and attention to detail!

The process of shipping and moving Banksy walls is art by itself and requires time, lots of manpower, professional equipment, and the ability to solve any potential problem in advance. One more essential component of this process is teamwork. Restorers, builders, steel manufacturers, art handlers, and movers should all work together in order to safely extract the valuable Banksy mural from the wall and deliver it to another place intact. Fine Art Shippers has just a perfect team for this job, and we are sure to complete the work in a given time period. After all, shipping and moving fine art of any size and weight, including shipping and moving Banksy walls, is our specialty!