The Art of Moving Musical Instruments: A Harpsichord

The Art of Moving Musical Instruments: A Harpsichord

The transportation of high-value items is, in a sense, a lottery because you never know what you will need to pack and move tomorrow. Over more than 25 years of providing professional moving services, Fine Art Shippers has had a chance to ensure the safe delivery of the most diverse items, from usual canvases and antique sculptures to indigenous face masks and crystal chandeliers. Right now, we help our clients with a unique freight – a harpsichord. A distinct and rare musical instrument has to be shipped from New York City, US, to Seoul, South Korea, which can justifiably be considered a good example of the art of moving musical instruments.

Everything You Should Know About a Harpsichord

Harpsichords were some of Europe’s most important keyboard musical instruments from the 16th through the first half of the 18th century. They have a shape similar to a grand piano, which is why they are often confused, and strings set in vibration by plucking. Even though a harpsichord is not as popular now as it was back in the day, it is still valued for its adaptability, complexity, and richness of the sound it produces. To keep the qualities and characteristics of this instrument intact, you should be very neat and cautious with its delivery.

The Art of Moving a Harpsichord

Before an instrument is packed, we take notes about its condition. An item may have a damage history or just be old and frail, so even tiny details about the state of a harpsichord are vital for further planning. Condition analysis is an indispensable part of the art of moving because it allows specialists to choose the safest way to handle the object.

Once we know more about it, we proceed to the packaging. First, we disassemble the musical instrument and wrap every part individually. The body of a harpsichord is covered with moving blankets, which are secured by straps. When everything is packed, we put the package into our custom-built crate, a final stage of the packaging process. After that, the crate is moved to an airport where we deal with the documentation and customs. Finally, we can wish a harpsichord bon voyage.

It is not the first time we have needed to pack and ship such a special freight. The art of moving musical instruments is in our blood, as we have been delivering such and similar items for many years now. Feel free to contact us if you also need our expert assistance.